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Drivers, Leaders, Trainers & Mechanics

 Our courses cost:

Transit or Paratransit Operator Development Course - $6,000
Safety Leadership - $2,500
Trainer Certification Process - $2,000
Total for all the courses - $10,500

And, these will be good for at least 5 years averaging only $2,100 per year, for the most comprehensive and highest quality training materials available.

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Compared to the total cost of operating the buses.

It costs around $100,000 per year to operate one Transit Bus. If you have just 20 buses, this costs $2 million per year. A Paratransit vehicle costs around $50,000 per year to operate, 20 paratransit buses would cost $1,000,000 to operate.

Investing a onetime cost of $10,500, only $2,100 per year to train everyone involved, is no cost at all.

Only $2,100 per year.

Compared to the cost of the depreciation of just one bus.

Another comparison is the deprecation of one vehicle. ONE transit bus depreciates at around $29,000 per year. ONE Paratransit bus depreciates at around $6,000 per year.

When you then consider that the TAPTCO training courses will reduce your accidents by close to 50%, the cost is so small to be a no brainer.

The cost of just one accident can exceed the cost of the courses many times over.

One Transit bus depreciates at $29,000 per year.

We have no money

Agencies must have money to pay for accidents and injuries. It is far less costly to prevent accidents than to pay for the costs of having them.

The loss that costs the least is the one that was prevented. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Ask your risk management staff, or your insurer to help buy these leading training materials. Also, many agencies have obtained grants to purchase their courses.

You have to find money to pay for accidents. Why not use the money to prevent them?


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Both the Transit & Paratransit courses have been completely updated with FTA Compliance interwoven throughout.

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For over 30 years, the experts at TAPTCO Transit & Paratransit Company have been designing award-winning bus driver training programs with specialties that include fleet operations and safety, industrial psychology, instructional design, and media production. This breakthrough series of safety video programs and study guides for bus driver training are designed by our team of performance improvement experts with specialties that include fleet operations and safety, industrial psychology, instructional design, and media production.

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