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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the principle focus of the Transit Operator Development Course?

To help agencies comply with the Public Transit Agency Safety plan requirements and using these requirements and other practices to instill a Safety Culture in the operations.

Everything included in the course is focused on outcomes, changing the behaviors of the trainee to avoid unsafe practices. We have made the desired outcomes easy to understand. There are 18 unsafe behaviors that lead to almost every accident and the goal is to change these behaviors, so we remove or reduce risk. 

The course teaches that, when followed, every one of these unsafe behaviors are conscious & deliberate and can easily be changed. It really is that simple. Study the 18 unsafe behaviors and commit to avoid them.  This is taught throughout the course with explanations and addressing the WIIFM (What’s in It for Me). A major focus is on persuading trainees that it is their interest to follow the safe behaviors taught.

When operators follow the 18 safe practices taught, they will be a skilled professional operator providing quality, safe service.

How can we validate the quality of this course, before we buy it?

There are three ways:

  1. We offer a detailed 20-minute webinar presenting the contents of the course and how it does change operators’ behaviors. Call 1 855 963 3900 to arrange your webinar. In this webinar, we also explain how the course is designed to help you comply with the new FTA requirements.

  2. We have many testimonials. We would be pleased to share fifty of the strongest testimonials from the users of our original course. Call one or call them all. Here are a few comments from these testimonials:

“Finest driver training course and materials on the market today”

“Accident frequency has already reduced 20%”

“These are outstanding training materials”

“Far and away the best”

“We’ve seen a drastic reduction in accidents”

“Awesome Program”

“I highly recommend this material”


  1. We would be pleased to allow you web-based access to the new course for 14 days so you can evaluate it for yourself. No charge.

If we follow the guidelines in the Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan Guide, will we be 100% in compliance with the FTA requirements?

No. The Transit Operator Development Course only seeks to achieve compliance in the operational side of the requirement.  However, this is probably around 90% of the requirements.

We do not address everything that relates to the facility, or the maintenance shop.  However, the Slips, Trips and Falls program also applies to such risks in and around the facility, but only that part of the risks. If you use the TAPTCO OSHA Compliance Course for the shop workers, that would help you comply with the safety plan in the shop.

Also, the requirements are extensive and complicated. It is almost impossible to understand exactly what is required by the FTA in every detail. In fact, if you question the requirements, you may obtain different answers from different FTA employees. Only by obtaining a legal opinion, can you be sure you are 100% in compliance.

When do we have to comply with the new FTA requirements?

By December 31st 2020. It was originally July 20th 2020, but due to the Corona virus, the FTA moved the date to December 31st 2020.

I have the original TAPTCO Transit Operator Development Course. Do I receive a discounted price to upgrade to the new course?

Yes, if you already purchased the original TAPTCO Transit Operator Development Course, you will receive a discount. Please call TAPTCO to learn about the reduced pricing to upgrade to the new course.

How do we best implement the training course for existing operators?

We recommend that existing operators be taken through six of the programs. These are:
  1. Safety Best Practices - Because this teaches all the foundational understanding of operating safely.
  2. LLLC Defensive Driving - Because this teaches the four Defensive Driving practices of Look Ahead, Look Around, Leave Room & Communicate.
  3. Hazard Identification & Mitigation – Because this identifies the 18 unsafe behaviors and reciprocal safe behaviors that will remove or reduce risk.
  4. Pedestrian & Bicycle Awareness – Because these can be the most catastrophic accidents.
  5. Preventing Intersection Accidents – Because 61% of all accidents occur at intersections.
  6. Professionalism & Customer service - Because this is so important in delivering quality service.
Once the existing operators have completed Safety Best Practices, challenge them to come up with ideas as to how you can put the practices taught into effect. Do the same as they complete the other five programs.

How do we best implement the training course for new trainees?

We recommend that all the programs be implemented, and the training syllabus applied that is included in the course. The “Creating a Safety Culture” guide, explains how to implement the course to obtain the greatest return in changing operators’ behaviors.

What formats are the videos available in?

The videos can be presented on DVDs, Thumb Drive or from an online Learning Management

How long does it take to present the Transit Operator Development Course?

110 Hours. This is broken down as follows:

Classroom 22 Hours
Pre-Driving Skills 7 Hours
Observation 22 Hours
Behind-The-Wheel 19 Hours
Cadet Driving with Passengers 40 Hours
Total = 110 Hours

If I buy the course, what additional costs do, may we incur?

If you purchase hard copies of the course (DVDs or Thumb Drive), you will own the course and can use if for many years, many times.

We recommend that trainees have their own copy of the study guide. These cost:

  1. Large Study Guide covering all 33 programs and the BTW training - $15 each
  2. Small Study Guide only covering the six programs recommended for existing operators - $5 each
If you choose to use the Performance Checklist to track the training, the cost is - $12 each.

If you purchase the online training, your cost will be on a per user basis and billed annually. You pay each year. The cost depends on the number of users and contact TAPTCO for such costs.

Can we copy DVDs or Thumb Drive to create spares or copy to a computer?

No, all the materials are copyrighted and cannot be copied.

Can we copy the guides?

No, all the materials are copyrighted and cannot be copied.

What happens if a DVD or the thumb drive won’t play or is lost.

We will replace at a discounted price. Please call TAPTCO for pricing.

If we want to buy more than one copy of the course, do we receive a discount

Yes, for multiple copies, there is a volume discount. Call TAPTCO to obtain details of the discounts.

In addition to the Transit Operator Development Course, what other training courses do TAPTCO offer?

TAPTCO also has a Paratransit Operator Development Course. This is similar to the original Transit Course but focuses on Paratransit vehicles.

In addition, TAPTCO has the following training courses:

  • CDL Written Test
  • Safety Leadership
  • Trainer Certification
  • OSHA Compliance for Maintenance & Operators

The web site provides details of what is included in these courses or call TAPTCO for more information.


For over 30 years, the experts at TAPTCO Transit & Paratransit Company have been designing award-winning bus driver training programs with specialties that include fleet operations and safety, industrial psychology, instructional design, and media production. This breakthrough series of safety video programs and study guides for bus driver training are designed by our team of performance improvement experts with specialties that include fleet operations and safety, industrial psychology, instructional design, and media production.

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