The Safety Leadership Course

Do it right, the first time, every time

Every Manager and Supervisor can Benefit from this Course.


The Safety Leadership Course closes the loop on providing all the required materials to create the safest, most efficient NORMS in any agency. Leaders already think they know how to create safe NORMS, but if that were true, why are there so many accidents?

NORMS are the normal and usual way every employee behaves automatically in performing their jobs. NORMS are far more powerful than rules or regulations and if you can set your NORMS so that no one ever performs unsafe behaviors and delivers quality service – you will be a quality operation.

This Safety Leadership Course makes sure everyone understand the same practices of setting safe, efficient NORMS and providing the best service possible.

Safety Leadership Course consists of seven interactive CD’s:

(1) Opening Preview
(2) Accidents and Why People Have Them
(3) Understanding Human Behavior
(4) Leadership Principles
(5) Leadership Techniques
(6) Behavior-Based Safety
(7) Final Exam

The course also includes:

(1) Guide to Setting NORMS
(2) Quick Start Guide
(3) Study Guide

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It takes around four hours to complete all seven DVD’s. Once completed, the leadership will understand the actions they can take to improve the behaviors of drivers to avoid unsafe acts and “Do It Right, The First Time, Every Time” in every function they need to perform.

The course is only $2,500. It is new, comprehensive and provides all the guidance required for the leaders to influence the safe driver behaviors.

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