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SunTran Enhances Driver Training Program with Safety Leadership Course

SunTran, a local public transit system, operates six fixed-routes with over 140 bus stops in the St. George, UT metro area. With limited time and experience to develop an in-house training program, they needed a professional program that would provide uniform and consistent training for their operators. SunTran found exactly what they needed for their organization with Transit and Paratransit Company's Safety Leadership Course.

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Schmitty & Sons Bus Co. Finds the "Complete Package" for Transit Training in TAPTCO"

With Nearly 500 vehicles and 600 employees, Schmitty & Sons Bus Company needed to find training materials geared specifically to transit bus operators that also offered classroom training. After having met the TAPTCO team at an industry conference, Schmitty & Sons quickly found their training content was exactly what they needed.

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CJ Medical Transportation Reduces Accident Rate & Insurance Premiums with TAPTCO Training

"As a new company without a record of performance, we started out with some very high insurance premiums and an accident early on did not help that. Since we’ve been using TAPTCO, we’ve been able to improve our overall accident frequency and our insurance premiums now are eight percent below the industry average. The TAPTCO program was very instrumental in helping us achieve that premium reduction.”

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Peterborough Transit Utilizes TAPTCO Training to Help Reduce Preventable Accident Rate

"When I started working at Peterborough Transit in 2017, we had a preventable accident rate of 2.0 per 100,000 kilometers. We introduced the TAPTCO program with intersection awareness training in the winter and followed up with refresher safety training in the summer, which included classroom and on-the-road instruction. As a result, we had zero preventable accidents for the months of July and August and our preventable accident rate for 2018 is down to 1.2.”

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Trusted Leader In Special Needs & Paratransit Puts Its Trust In TAPTCO

Ride Right, a special needs paratransit and fixed route transportation provider, knows that passenger safety begins with qualified, well-trained drivers. In 2017, when the newly hired Director of Safety Administration noted gaps in the company’s training program, Ride Right tapped the training expertise of the Transit & Paratransit Company (TAPTCO). This case study shares highlights of the growing partnership between TAPTCO, Ride Right, and its parent company MTM, Inc.

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For over 30 years, the experts at TAPTCO Transit & Paratransit Company have been designing award-winning bus driver training programs with specialties that include fleet operations and safety, industrial psychology, instructional design, and media production. This breakthrough series of safety video programs and study guides for bus driver training are designed by our team of performance improvement experts with specialties that include fleet operations and safety, industrial psychology, instructional design, and media production.

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