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Paratransit Bus Driver Training Course

You need a modern paratransit bus driver training program that engages and teaches drivers to make the best and safest choices every time. Taptco’s training programs are modern and relevant – truly customized for your paratransit operation.

Quality driver training means better trained drivers with better efficiency, improved safety, and fewer problems.

We want to help you train drivers to be:

  • Safe
  • Efficient
  • Friendly
  • On-time

And we have the training materials that can help you get the job done. Don’t send your drivers out onto the road ill-prepared. Let Taptco help you build a fleet of confident, reliable drivers. After taking our courses, your drivers will gain the needed experience in how to handle passengers during tense situations, they will have the tools to attain your CDL, and so much more!

Our bus driver training course, covers various emergency situations, accident protocols, and emergency evacuation steps.

Affordable Paratransit Bus Driver Training Programs

It costs at least $100,000 per year to operate a single bus. That cost is even higher if a vehicle is involved in an accident.

Why risk wasting your investment on training that doesn’t work? Poor training programs increase the chances of your drivers being involved in accident. Taptco’s comprehensive paratransit bus driver training ensures your drivers are the safest on the road.

Don’t Cut Corners with Bad Training Programs

You can create your own training programs, but will they really prepare your drivers for what they encounter on the road? As one of the top bus driver training companies, we have the experience in developing the most all encompassing training program, to get the highest quality drivers on the road.

DIY training programs are created with limited resources. They offer some value and they are cheap, but they leave drivers ill-prepared. We’ve invested the time and money you don’t for making your own programs into 28 courses with the most advanced guides and materials available. Drivers will be prepared for any situation that could arise during their drive, before it, or after it. With a deep understanding of the inspections processes, proper protocol during a drive, an in depth look at safety precautions, and having the tools for your drivers to manage their own well being also separates our programs from the rest.

Your drivers are your most important resource. There’s no reason to put them at risk.

TAPTCO offers training that prepares drivers to do their jobs the right way the first time and every time. Course delivery is very flexible, and a vast array of information and guides are provided, to ensure your drivers are in the best position to succeed. To learn more, contact us about our paratransit bus driver training program.


For over 30 years, the experts at TAPTCO Transit & Paratransit Company have been designing award-winning bus driver training programs with specialties that include fleet operations and safety, industrial psychology, instructional design, and media production. This breakthrough series of safety video programs and study guides for bus driver training are designed by our team of performance improvement experts with specialties that include fleet operations and safety, industrial psychology, instructional design, and media production.

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