The Transit & Paratransit Company (TAPTCO)

provide bus driver training courses for

Transit & Paratransit Drivers, Trainers, Safety Leaders and Shop employees.

Our bus driver training courses do change the behavior of drivers to avoid accidents and keep everyone safe. The courses are built around high quality safety videos.



Taptco – Bus Driver Training for Professional Drivers

The Transit & Paratransit Company – Taptco – offers professional training courses that turn new and experienced bus drivers into expert drivers.

Our bus driver training courses focus on safety. Our goal is to help drivers become safety aware and reduce the number of accidents on the road. We know how important it is for bus drivers to be safe drivers. We do everything we can to ensure drivers who participate in our programs are the safest on the road.

Drivers who participate in our programs are:

  • Safe
  • Efficient
  • Friendly
  • On-Time

Effective training and education can greatly improve driver performance and at Taptco, we make sure it happens.

Drivers who participate in Taptco bus driver training programs know what to do and how to do it.

Taptco Bus Driver Training Programs Offer a Modern, Fresh Perspective

Why train with Taptco if you already have a training program?

Taptco uses the most advanced, up-to-date training materials available. Our courses include new messages that keep training from becoming mundane and boring.

Driving has changed, so should your training program.

Taptco offers a modern, behavior-based programs that help drivers prepare for real-life experiences they will encounter every day.

Better trained drivers are safer drivers. They are more efficient and encounter fewer problem when they are behind the wheel.

Taptco offers 28 driver training programs with comprehensive guides and course materials. We have invested time and money into creating the best possible bus driver training courses possible, so your drivers can be the safest and most professional on the road.